Friday, December 28, 2007

Shoes + Jewelry = Shewlrey

The forward thinking people at decided to take every woman's two vices and combine them together. Shoe's and Jewlrey, now you say "no chance", well I say "THANK YOU!"

H&M - Don't go back there!

On a recent visit to the Flypaper blog I was excited and then immediately shocked by what I witnessed. First, Flypaper blogged about H&M's new spring line, which was exciting because there designs are always hot, or at least usually hot. Next I looked further at the outfits Flypaper had posted, all were cute except for one. The outfit in question is far from cute, in fact, it was down right hideous. I think you can guess which outfit I'm talking about.

H&M's Spring 2007 line is very retro inspired, which I'm a fan of. However, like Flypaper, I don't agree with going back to high waistline, or mom jeans. I'm perfectly happy with designer hip hugger jeans, and am not ready to start wearing "hip cover jeans". What do you think?

Whats makes your Fashion so Fashionable?

Fashion; what is it? I mean really?

Fashion is an expression of you. Even those in our society whom are ‘anti’ fashion, visually speaking out against conformity, layering their long sleeve Ts, sporting multi-colored socks and high top shoes, with a bandanna snug around their heads; they are making a statement. They are expressing, living, breathing, and walking fashion. And you know what? They are so ‘anti’ fashion in expressing themselves apart from the norm that they look…I am going to say it….COOL! So absolutely outlandishly you! Why should fashion be any different?

Here's the opposite side of the spectrum, courtesy of our girls I am Fashion.

Fashion Week Feature - Diane von Furstenberg

New York Fashion Week features an array of unique fashions from designers big and small. The only unfortunate thing about the expo is that many of the items showcased are either not available to the general public, or not affordable for the general public. Sadly, when we see a model wearing something cute enough to actually wear it more than likely won't look the same on us and if it is, it probably isn't affordable.

With that being said, the ladies at The Daily Obsession featured a line by Diane von Furstenberg (DVF) that caught my attention for two reasons. First being that most of the outfits were designed modestly and are only elegantly complex, meaning I could picture myself wearing them. Second, DVF designer clothing is available at stores like Nordstrom and Bloomingdales. However, Diane von Furstenberg clothing is priced congruent with most designer fashion brands.

BCBG Max Azria 2007 Collection

I've blogged several times about the collections showcased during last week's 2007 edition of Fashion Week and the BCBG line is one I failed to mention. The 2007 BCBG Max Azria collection was unique for several reasons. First being the shoes presented and second being the lack of cosmetic look of the BCBG models.

BCBG designer shoes are a favorite of all of us here at Shoeflyer and we were excited to see the expansion of boots in the fall line. BCBG, usually recognized for sexy and glitzy heels, flats and wedges is branching out and working more casual boots into their product line.

Even more interesting is the simple approach BCBG took to modeling the Fall line. You can notice from the pictures that bright pigment was something the designers neglected when making the ladies up. They instead opted for a nude lip color with a barely noticeable soft black eyeliner.

Fall 2007 Fashion Trends

The hip Fashionista's at Second City Style (SCS) have blogged a lot about the 2007 edition of Fashion Week; most recently they compiled a list of the top 10 fashion trends for Fall, 2007. Maybe it's the realist in me, but I couldn't imagine the everyday woman implementing too many of these trends. I mean honestly, could you imagine meeting a girlfriend for lunch and having her arrive in this body conscious outfit by Richard Chai (picture to the right)?

With all that being said, here are a couple of SCS's top 10 that I'd like to highlight; one fashion trend to adorn, and another not to be worn:

To Adorn - Chunk Knit sweaters are something to look forward to; they're cute, comfortable and stylish for the not-so-warm Fall temperatures.

Not to be Worn - Designer Hats; personally, I'm not a fan of using a hat as a designer fashion statement, especially when they look like this one by Donna Karan. Sorry Donna, but that's just my two cents.

Prada Spring Collection - Less is More

Spring is quickly approaching, which means less skin needs to be covered and brighter colors are a must. Fortunately, Prada took both of the above into consideration when developing its spring line of footwear. Thanks to Manolo's shoe blog, I was able to catch a sneak peak of a few of Prada's Spring 2007 shoes.

In our opinion, the new shoes by Prada are fabulous. Prada has done a great job of capturing style and grace with less material, which is no easy feat. Big designer brands like Prada typically set fashion benchmarks for the entire industry, which means we're likely to see more shoe designers working bright colors into ballet flats and strappy sandals this spring.

NASCAR Designer Shoes

What do designer shoes have in common with cheap domestic beer, mullets and popular consumer brands like Budweiser, Kellogg's and FedEx? The Answer - Nothing at first. But when you combine all the elements typically associated with the one of the nations most popular sports, wrap them in leather and stack em up on a 3 inch heel, you've got NASCAR designer shoes.

To some, the recent joint venture between NASCAR and designer shoe manufacturer Genius Fashion is a dream come true; whereas to others it's a fashion nightmare in the making. In our opinion, if a woman wants to spend hundreds on a pair of cowboy boots accented with checkered flags, more power to her. After all, we have seen worse things on women's feet.

Chunky Heels

Another new trend circling the fashion front is the resurgence of what designers are calling chunky heels. Some of you might know them better as platform pumps, but either way they can be identified by the abundance of wood which adds inches to an already high heel.

Why are chunk heels popular now?

Fashion enthusiasts say the retro platform pump is a favorite because of its ability to elongate the woman's leg and balances the length of dresses. Platform pumps also offer women an alternative to stilettos, which can look too dressy in a season with so many minidresses.

Many of us here at Shoeflyer are fans of chunk heels; in fact, here are a few of our top pics:

The Fuller by BCBG

The 5215 by Dolce Vita

The Raissa by Vince Camuto

Your gym shoes don't have to be ugly

Here's a bit of shoe advice for the athletic fashionista: your gym shoes don't have to be ugly. Seriously! They don't—in fact, they shouldn't be.

There's a common misconception that solid colored Reebok "old school" sneakers are acceptable for wearing in the gym. Contrary to popular belief people do pay attention to what your wearing in the gym, especially if you have any intention of turning heads. However, if you're more interested in not being noticed and prefer rocking a polyester jumpsuit laced up with a pair of black high tops, then more power to you.

If you're not one for wearing Mom's—or even worse, Grandmom's—shoes to the gym or while jogging in the park, we have some suggestions for you. Try one of these, or if you have a better woman's gym shoe suggestion drop us a line.

Pastry shoes—don't worry, they're not for baking

Think pink in a pair of women-specific Nikes

Get back to your roots in a pair of Adidas Originals

Fall fashion trends

We know what you're thinking. "Fall? Already? But didn't summer just start?" Don't worry, we are having the same thoughts. We're still in the heat of summer, but the fashion industry is always a season or two ahead. Nonetheless, our favorite Pacific Northwest newspaper, The Seattle Times, recently published an article detailing some of the hottest fashion trends for Fall 2007. According to The Seattle Times staff reporter Pamela Sitt, this fall's fashion reveals bold colors and a feminine fit.

Pamela Sitt describes fashion as "fickle creature," at least that's what she witnessed at Wednesday's Nordstom fall fashion preview. Additionally, Sitt brings all of our fashion fears to fruition when she hypothesizes on the 80s influence seen in fall 2007 fashion. Among the designers being represented on the catwalk were popular brands including Chanel, Prada, Christian Dior, Gucci, Stella McCartney and Dolce & Gabbana just to name a few.

Perhaps, in our opinion at least, styles from Marc Jacobs were among the most interesting. Probably because of their 80s influence, coupled with the functionality and form seen in the styles of today. All that said, everything we hear now about fall fashion trends is still speculation; that is until the fashion lines hit the shelves in late August/early September.

Organic Fashion at Twice Shy

Feel good about yourself and shop green! Unlike the "organic" fashion of hippie days past, top fashion designers are jumping on the band wagon and designing beautiful apparel. Check out this cozy sweater coat by Austria - 100% Organic cotton terry. $120.00 available at Twice Shy.

Bohemian Recycled Leather Bags

I came upon these adorable recycled leather bags by Eko Chic. Based in Seattle, Washington, Eko Chic was founded in 2006 and focuses on Indie eco-friendly products. Bags shown Lynnette Bag Nude $98 and Alexis Clutch $78.

I'm Not A Plastic Bag by Anya Hindmarch

Who would have thought that something so simple could be so hot? These canvas "I'm Not A Plastic Bags" by British designer Anya Hindmarch are sold out everywhere. Celebrities such as Keira Knightly and Jessica Beil have been carrying them around for weeks. Recently, Whole Foods in New York city sold a bunch for $15 a piece and people qeued in line overnight. I have to admit they are pretty cute but I wouldn't camp on the streets of New York for one!

Tsi-La Organic Fragrances

Model Annie Morton and her sister-in-law Natalie Szapowalo have created a line of natural fragrances without synthetics or preservatives called Tsi-La Organics. The perfumes are made of essential oils, plant botanicals, and organic ingredients. They come in beautiful glass bottles which are handpainted.

Fallin' in Love

My love for fall fashion really knows no bounds. I am really excited about this season, not so much for the fall trends that we saw on the runways (which were just a major regurgitation of last year's trends minus all of the layering), but because I am excited to incorporate a more chav/fringe look into my fall wardrobe. Here are some pieces I'm dying to pick up (and hints as to how I'd wear them).

I would wear this Mary Ping Lissel Cotton Tank under almost every outfit. It kind of has a sloppy chav look to it, but it finishes with a unique cut that makes it deceptively couture. Cardigans, turtlenecks, skinnies, and major scarves would all look really cool with this tank.

Okay, so this tank costs a mind-boggling amount of $2000. Of course, I'm looking for a similar (and signifcantly less expensive piece) but I love how glamorous it is and yet it is still a very simple top. I would use this as a layering piece, either over or under fall sweaters and turtlenecks.

The way I plan to wear these skinnies is to tuck them into majorly slouchy socks and wear with wingtips, black & white oxfords or high-top Nikes:

I love these Grey Ant sailor jeans. When I'm not sporting my slouchy look, I'd wear these with a fitted cardigan and sequined tank for a more sophisticated fall look.

These super skinny jeans are perfect for pairing with both neutral and brightly colored tops.

A tomboyish top is just what I was looking for. High-tops and skinny jeans will accompany this look.

This sweater by Chloe has a nice amount of volume to it and some cool details. I'd love to wear it with a long-sleeve plain black t-shirt underneath.

Who could resist the siren song of Phillip Lim's gorgeous pieces? I know I can't. I think this smart, military style look can be deconstructed and played with in so many ways. Sign me up for that challenge!

This cropped sequin covered cardigan is perfect for fall. I would pair it with a wife-beater, a crazy vintage Hermes scarf and some bright purple high-top sneakers for a completely juxtaposed look.

Beauty Cute girl

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Beauty Cute girl

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New York - Oh, dear. Make that Amanda Bynes, "Dear," the latest celebrity clothing line from Steve and Barry's that debuts in their stores this week, hot on the heels of Bitten, Sarah Jessica Parker's collaboration with the retailer earlier this year.

Beauty girl

Bynes, the young all-American actress who made her name doing sketch comedy on Nickelodeon on "The Amanda Show" and recently starred as Penny Pingleton in the latest remake of John Waters' "Hairspray," was on hand on Wednesday night in New York to launch her new collection, which debuts in Steve and Barry's stores on August 16.